Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Drama Workshop - Carol Night preparations

Grade 4 students worked with the MS/HS Drama teacher today to learn how to tell stories through tableaux - frozen pictures. The girls will be using their new skills in this year's Carol Night performance.

Working with Ms Delbridge

Parents and 5 year olds

Parents and 5 year olds

Parents and teenagers

Rock stars and idols

Royalty and peasants

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Questions can be important and interesting

Grade 4 students investigated how to categorize questions recently.

After looking at these questions,

  • Who invented clothes hangers?
  • What is the name of Miss Lea's pet snake?
  • How might the way we make energy change my life in the future?

Why are some areas of Japan windier than others? ... we decided that some questions are interesting and some are important, some are neither and some are both. We then worked together to sort out some questions about energy. Here is the evidence of some of our discussions and sorts


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuning into Energy

A few weeks ago fourth graders began a How the World Works unit of inquiry about energy. As a class, they showed some very good knowledge about energy. For example, a couple forms of energy came up when we tuned in, such as electricity, light and sound.

However, the students had many misconceptions too. One activity that brought the misconceptions out was called More True or More False? Partners were given a series of statements about energy. They discussed the statements and decided whether it was more true, or more false. They were surprised to find out they were often incorrect.

In this video two students explain why "sleeping gives us energy". They decided it was More True than False. As you can see, that was the general consensus. See if your daughter can explain why "sleeping gives us energy is actually More False than True.

Here are some other energy statements we considered:

Energy and forces are the same thing.

Energy gets used up and disappears.

Plants make energy.