Friday, June 3, 2016

Dancing To Change The World

Grade Four students have created beautiful dance pieces to express the ideas of rules, rights, responsibilities, and prejudice.  By using a variety of dance models, students created their very own dances.  They explored doing "Chair Duets."

Their dances were inspired by poetry, stories, videos, TV dramas, slave journals, and more.   When asked what students loved most about their dances, they wrote the following:

Our facial expressions and working together
We didn't laugh and how we walked on the chairs.
I liked the rope pulling.
 . . . the part where we got to freedom . .
 . . .how we did the chair dance step . .
We used a lot of eye contact.
The part where my partner and I pull each other because it shows we're helping each other.

When asked how they thought their dance could change the world, they wrote:

People would think more about slavery and people that are slaves.
If people see it they will know how does it feel when you're separated and work.

Here are videos of Gr. 4.  I hope that I've got everyone's videos.  Enjoy the various ways the students expressed their ideas. 

 To Gr. 4 students . . . I hope that you have a wonderful summer!  I've really enjoyed teaching you this year.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grade 4 EAL Students Working on their Writing Pieces

EAL students go through the writing process of planning, drafting, editing and sharing.  Fadila working on her story draft on the computer and Ghamin working on a paragraph draft.